Discovery, Research, Concepting, & Design


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Since joining Swrve in 2016, the company had been transitioning from being game industry focused to be much more broad, serving every industry verticals including travel, finance, eRetail, and media & publishing.

Swrve real-time marketing automation increases customer engagement through dynamic campaigns that deliver relevant, personalised messages in micro-moments that matter across mobile, email, web, TV and emerging digital channels.

Key problems, goals, & objectives

Throughout 2017 & 2018, together with the team we audited the platform and created the roadmap for the complete overhaul and redesign of the Swrve dashboard with the aim to leave no stone unturned.

Some key issues we discovered during our discovery phase included users lack of trust with the system, the over-repetition of tasks marketers would carry out on a daily basis, scalability issues for teams working together within the platform, and also the inconsistent flows and user experience of various product features.

The key goal was to make things simple, quick, and consistent for our users. Let them get their job done quickly and get out of the way.

We also wanted to build upon functionality and scale for enterprise companies who had been launching 1000+ campaigns a day and found it very difficult to manage such large volumes.

While these items were high on our priority list, the visual design also needed a full overhaul. Aesthetically the user interface was quite dated and functionally, various colours and patterns played major usability issues with users.

While all this was underway, and the design and development teams being scaled up, we also aimed to remove as much tech debt as possible and build out a new design system using React and Storybook as our base to help build consistency from the ground up, speed development time, and not limit ourselves in terms of technical ability.

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Plan, design, test, & iterate

Over the course of multiple design sprints in early 2018, we established key improvements which could help solve a lot of problems our users where having.

We concepted multiple variations of our information architecture and changes to our sitemap, new global layouts for our navigation and page headers, all new campaign flows, and also explored 100’s of visual design styles to help shape the vision of how we wanted our user interface to look and feel.

With all our concepts to hand, we had multiple customer visits to help get vital feedback at the early stages and also traveled to various Swrve’s offices for other team feedback.

From there, we iterated constantly to help refine the UX and UI of the redesign project.

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What we delivered

In June 2018, the redesign project had launched into early access for customers to finally start using.

They key changes with the redesign included a complete overhaul of the information architecture, with the depricated of many redundant screens to help make the platform more simple easy to navigate; a full restructure of the app’s navigation to help free up screen space; a complete restructuring of the campaigns screen, which now allows for users to create any customization of filters and to allow users to drill into campaigns quickly to find relevant information, a brand new campaign flow which helps simplify and speed up the creation process while allowing teams to handle different parts of the creation flow; and an all new visual design and component library.

Sinch launch, we’ve had excellent feedback from customers and users, many of these issues we had set out to fix have been around for a number of years so they are now thrilled to be getting the product they’ve needed for so long. Other customers commended our vision for what we’ve shipped and are excited to see what will come next.

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