Over the last 11 years I’ve worked with many companies across all different sectors in both agency and product teams. I’m addicted to solving problems and achieving results with people who give a shit.

During that time I’ve been Creative Director at Together Digital creating websites and apps for both B2B and B2C companies with an amazing bunch of folk; a part of the brilliant Ryanair Design Team delivering the AGB programme; and up until recently I have designed the vision for Swrve’s new 3.0 product as a Director of Product Design.

When I take on projects, not only do I aim to deliver industry leading work with measurable KPIs, but I want each company I work with to really see the value and success you can have when things are done the right way.

Define the problems, cut the bullshit, put in the work, and achieve the results: Motivated teams, a great product, happy users, and a successful business.

Where I can bring value

Depending on what stage you are at with your business, your needs will be different. From an entrepreneur, to a start-up or established business, I have the skills and experience to help achieve what’s needed across all aspects of the design spectrum.

  • checkmark Design audit & discovery
  • checkmark Company and product vision
  • checkmark Journey mapping
  • checkmark Personas & Jobs-to-Be-Done
  • checkmark Wireframing & prototyping
  • checkmark Visual design
  • checkmark Component & design systems
  • checkmark User testing & feedback sessions
  • checkmark Design performance KPIs
  • checkmark User feedback tools
  • checkmark Development support
  • checkmark Quality assurance
  • checkmark Front-end development
  • checkmark Product Marketing